Welcome to the SandBox Podcast

We here at fotolilly photography love everything that has to do with photography, videography and gear. We have finally to decide to take a leap of faith and will be launching this new Exciting Podcast which will allow us to show more of ourselves to the public.

In a time where there are so many photographers either starting out or that have been in the game longer than we have been alive this new podcast will be able deliver our own perspective of the market.

fotolilly photography the sandbox podcast launching soon in 2024

The Sandbox Podcast is not just about capturing moments but diving more into the moments, the feelings, and what each photo means to us. Each episode we will be covering different topics that will be able to speak to not just photographers but also people who genuinely love the art of photography.

We want to make sure that what we deliver to our subscribers is not just informative but fun too. We will always deliver on one thing though with each show that we release and that is just to be ourselves. We do realize we will not be everyone's cup of tea of course but give us a try and see if we can make you smile and bring you back again for more.


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There are so many Podcast out there already. Why us?

Yes there are tons of platforms, podcasts, groups and channels that speak about photography so why us? We are not just photographers but are people that have lived through different things, have our own personal experiences outside of photography.

fotolilly photography william based out of fort worth texas exciting new podcast called the "The SandBox Podcast"

Our style has always been against the grain and we will treat this channel the same. Carving our own path in the market by using our own personalities, focusing on our brand and not your traditional photography standards.

Each episode we will be bringing on other photographers and vendors in DFW to open up an outlet on how they can speak on what they specialize in. Not only will we be bringing on guests in our market but other businesses and talent to have fun.

sandbox podcast interview with jason gore photography and model whitley queen
sandbox podcast interview with dave whatley from the covenant studios in hurts texas
sandbox podcast interview with jason gore photography and gaslight photography
list of contributers on 1st episode

The SandBox Podcast

Trust me when I say we will be delivering the very best we have. We will be a "In your face" type of podcast being real and just being ourselves. There will be no holding back on our forums and we will probably step on some toes or lifting some spirits. Either way we will be who we are. We play by our own rules- our sandbox. So if you would like to be on our show then reach out to us via our CONTACT FORM and come step into the sandbox. Let's have some fun.

#thesandboxpodcastshow #fotolillyphotography

So yeah there are other channels out there currently and will be tons more added on a daily basis but if you already follow us on tiktok, instragram and youtube you KNOW already that we are going to bring the heat with this new Podcast. So stay tuned and if you are not following us then trust me you want to follow us here by clicking here "YOUTUBE"

Cant wait to share with you more on our Podcast.

“Come step into the sandbox.”

Our 1st Official Interview Podcast

So, we finally had our 1st official interview and what a doozy. This interview was not only our 1st but we had to do this in a run n gun type of shoot. This interview was held at a studio location, so we were not in our normal setting. Not only did we have to arrange everything for the podcast, but we had to run around making sure it was all recording correctly. This was not only a stressful moment but really tested if we have what it takes to pursue the podcast world. I hope you enjoy all the bloopers from this show below.

Behind The Scenes of Model Whitley Queen

We here at the Sandbox Podcast love to showcase all the talent from the photographers invited, model that is being photographed and the location we are shooting at. We not only say we are going to give some amazing BTS but we roll through and give our best on everything we do as you can see from this BTS video we did for Whitley Queen and Jason Gore Photography

My Daily V-Log Challenge

I also invite you to follow along with my daily v-log challenge! This challenge is separate from The Sandbox Podcast Show. I started this challenge to enhance my skills at being in front of the camera. This daily challenge has and is helping me speak better, maintain eye contact and speaking abilities. All in all this is a journey for growth in all that I do. You can follow along HERE!!