Day one finally came and went. I am not going to sit here and tell you that it was the best piece of video work ever to be released. The week prior I wrote my bullet points with what I was going to talk about. I prepped our studio lights, set up the cameras, checked and rechecked the mic lavaliers more than I can count. My daughter was there so it made it even more nerve wrecking.

The entire time I was sweating bullets. I can hear my insides turning and turning with the nerves. I practiced what I was going to say and even my intro. I was finally ready……………or so I thought. Lol 

When the lights finally came on I was like a deer lost in the headlights. I was just staring and everything I practiced went out the window. I was a wreck to say the least. I attempted my intro and messed that up. So, I did it again and again. I thought I would be able to free flow the entire episode and of course like I said I was totally wrong. I mumbled my words and at one point even bit my lip- twice lol. 

As I continued to fumble and fumble, I would get up and turn the camera off and start again. And again. It was at about 30 minutes that I realized I am just going to be myself and talk and that’s what I did. Whether it was because I came up with the bright idea to let the camera roll or because I just too tired of getting up and turning off the camera. 

my first podcast and a brief blog about how i felt during the podcast by fotolilly photography

Leaving the camera rolling and clapping in was the best thing I could have done. So, I just let it out and spoke as best as I could. It wasn’t staged or followed any type of flow. Some of my statements as I reviewed afterwards leave the watcher hanging. Lol

Despite all that went on and at the end when I finally turned the cameras off, I felt a surge of relief. I was comforted by a smile of my daughter as I came in and she said “you did it dad” that’s the hardest part- getting started. 

my first podcast and a brief blog about how i felt during the podcast by fotolilly photography

Tips and Advice for your first actual Podcast.

During the editing process these are some tips that I have for me and for anyone else. My own personal observance.

1.      Learn your lighting. Constantly check your lighting for separation but also to bring light to yourself. Don’t blow out your area but create a soft light.

2.      Test your audio and learn your equipment. This was big because I found out that the lavalier I first started with was not strong enough to pick up my voice, so I had to speak louder and louder and when I moved the bristling was captured on one of the mics. What I did do was test out four different microphones to determine the best for my show. I would advise the same.

3.      Be casual, relaxed and don’t stress. Treat it like a conversation with someone, an invisible person. If you have a mirror place that somewhere you can see how you look when speaking to catch any little twitches or annoying things you may do.

4.      Stay in a flow (Outline) Use your bullets to ensure that you are staying on track. This I found was about the hardest thing to do because it seems like you lose your talking points over all the nerves. But try to remember your points and improvise but STAY ON TRACK lol.

5.      Speak loud and clear and keep make sure that where you position your cameras is center for your eyes, so you are speaking directly to your audience.  Make sure your focus area is set. Moving back and forth may cause your camera to hunt for focus and you would waste that entire time due to the lens not in focus. 

my first podcast and a brief blog about how i felt during the podcast by fotolilly photography

To see how my first show went then just visit our channel here. Come join our over 145k followers and growing and welcome to the SANDBOX

I am hoping that you continue to come along my journey through this whole new PodCast world. I am also attaching some of the videos here below of my very podcast so you can see how that went. Soon I will also attach all the blooper reels that came from that original podcast.

Definitely stay tuned because I will be weekly blog just about my Podcast journal. This will be a blog about how I felt on each episode, before and after, and then I will share my own thoughts and tips to follow along on your own Podcast Growth.